We can arrange the accommodation for all the participants of the 18 EIC in the same 5 stars hotel (up to 400 people), for the countries delegations, but also for the referees, the EKF B.O., and the Japanese delegation. But the prices of this luxury hotel, for the 18 EIC participants, is more economical that a 2 stars hotel in Paris!

This hotel is famous for the comfort of the rooms (all suites), the meals (self service) and the services. Also the possibility to share suites up to 4 people is offered, every participant are free to choose between the lodging regime of bed & breakfast, half pension, or complete pension, every day.


    5 stars hotel. Very centric, next to the Parliament and the Government of Andorra, near the commercial streets. Decorated in cherry wood, with tapestries by Salvador Dalí and sofas by Le Corbusier.

    It is only to 100 meters from the sports hall (2 minutes by foot).

    Next to the bus-stop (Línia Comunal 2 La Comella).

    Address: Carrer Prat de la Creu 88, AD500, Andorra La Vella, Principality of Andorra.

    Localization by GPS: 42º30'19.96'' N - 1º31'11.09'' E


If necessary, we can arrange also 2 other luxury 5 stars hotels of the same Plaza Group:


Five stars hotel.The Hotel Carlton Plaza stands in the central Meritxell Avenue as a homage to beauty. A very modern "boutique hotel", with exquisite decoration and which stands apart in a delicate and exclusive space. Also the possibility to share suites up to 4 people is offered, and the same prices and conditions as the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

It is only 500 meters from the Sports Hall (10 minutes by foot).

Address: Av. Meritxell 23-25, AD500 Andorra La Vella, Principality of Andorra.

Localization by GPS: 42º30’28.23’’ N - 1º31’28.76’’ E.



5 Stars Hotel. Completely refurbished in 2006, it is located in the midst of the shopping and business area. Its emblematic hall, in warm English style -with Chester-type Edwardian sofas, Paul Smith rugs and Plensa oil paintings- summarises the personality of the flagship of the Plaza Hotels chain.

Address: Carrer Maria Plà 19-21, AD500 Andorra la Vella (Andorra)

Localization by GPS: 42º30’24.18’’ N - 1º31’56.71’’ E


Hotel lodging regime of bed & breakfast, half pension, or complete pension(prices for person & day, all prices include the 4% of tax):


Bed & breakfast in quadruple suite: 34,38€
Bed & breakfast in triple suite: 36,29€
Bed & breakfast in double suite: 38,20€
Bed & breakfast in single suite: 47,75€
Half Pension in quadruple suite: 41,58€
Half Pension in triple suits: 43,89€
Half Pension in double suite: 46,20€
Half Pension in single suite: 57,75€
Complete Pension in quadruple suite: 51,48€
Complete Pension in triple suite: 54,37€
Complete Pension in double suite: 57,23€
Complete Pension in single suite: 71,54€


  • Children and young people up to 16 years: completely free lodgement sharing room with adults.

  • Self service breakfast in the restaurant of the hotel.

  • Self service lunch and dinner in the restaurant. Drinks (water and wine) included, coffee goes apart (supplement 1,20€).

  • Price of supplementary meal in case of lodging regime of bed & breakfast or half pension only: 13,50€

  • Parking in the hotel (price 20,50€ day). We recommend the parking in the sports centre, much more economical.

  • Health Centre: interior acclimatised swimming pool, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, cabins of massage, gymnasium, etc.

  • Kid's Club, Baby's Club, Teens Club: rooms of games for the children, with specialized personnel that entertains and control them.

  • Conferences centre, Internet corner, service of Wifree in all the hotel.

  • Trays of courtesy: free self service of coffee and tea in the rooms.

Saturday 08/10 at night (21:00) the dinner of Sayonara Party will be held in the Hotel Saloon (first floor), therefore this day we recommend you half pension.

NOTE: Referees needs to be registered with their country organization. We take in charge the stay of referees 3 days from the 7th to the 9th October included, or from the 6th to the 8th October included, in complete pension lodgement regime in the 5 stars hotel, and the Sayonara Party. In case on stay more days that the period covered for our organization, , e.g.: to participate in the Iaido general seminar, the referees needs to pay these extra days.

NOTE: For participants who want to attend both the seminar and the competition, we recommend 5 days lodgement (from 05/10 afternoon to 10/10 morning. For participants for only competition, we recommend 3 days lodgement (from 07/10 afternoon to 10/10 morning). For participants for only seminar, we recommend 3 days lodgement (from 05/10 afternoon to 08/10 morning). All participants can stay up to 1 week in the hotel (with the same prices), in case you do sightseeing the country, or to visit the World famous thermal centre of Caldea, or any other activity.


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