Address: Baixada del Molí­ 31-35, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Principality of Andorra.

Poliesportiu d'Andorra

The "Poliesportiu d'Andorra" Sports Hall, is the biggest sports hall of the country, with a high grade wooden surface arena, and suitable place for 6 Iaido Shiaijo and 4 Kendo Shiaijo.



Inner height of the arena: 22 m
Length of the arena: 42 m
Width of the arena: 25 m
Area of the arena: 1125 m2
Number of levels: 1
Number of seats without the arena: 1806
Number of dressing rooms for the participants: 6
Office & Reception zone
Direct access to the little Pavilion "Joan Alay" of 900 m2


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